Welcome to the dedicated travel trade directory for Scotland’s Tay Country.

This directory has been developed to support the travel trade industry by providing a dedicated resource to search and find what you are looking for at a click of a button. All businesses listed in this directory are travel trade ready and are already working with industry. Please note there are hundreds of other businesses in the destination, but it is important we share with you those that are trade ready for the purpose of this directory. If you are looking for wider destination information, please go to ‘About Us’ on our website.

This interactive directory is designed to help you with inspiration and ideas, as well as recommendations and it gives you a tool to find what you are looking for quickly.

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Travel Trade Directory
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Next Steps Planned.

Please note: we are currently working on Phase 2 of the Directory which we hope to include:

  • Images of the business / product / experience including a library
  • Contact email address and phone number
  • Capacities
  • Further enhancements of design and navigation.

Feedback is always welcome and should you require any additional support or information please contact Jemma on traveltrade@taycountry.uk

Please ensure you are signed up to our newsletters where you will be notified of updates / changes to the directory as well as new listings. Please look through our website as it is full of inspirational videos and itineraries and tools for you as an operator – we are currently developing our website so watch out for the updates.

Tourism businesses in Scotland’s Tay Country

Business Already Listed

If your business is already listed on the directory but you would like to update your business information please simply send us an email with the fields you want to change and the copy you wish to be replaced. If you are sending images to be added please note the following criteria:

    1. Send and advise what image you wish to be your primary image
    2. Images must be 600 x 600 pixels in size.

Business Not Yet Listed

If you are a tourism business based in Scotland’s Tay Country, which encompasses Perthshire, Fife, Angus & Dundee, and are not yet listed on the directory please ensure you meet the following criteria before completing your completing your listing.

        1. Your tourism business is based in Scotland’s Tay Country
        2. Your business / product / experience is consumer facing.
        3. You have a bookable product / experience.
        4. You are already working with the travel trade / have been trained on how to work with the travel trade.
        5. You have trade ready rates and terms ready.

Please only complete your listing if you meet the criteria in full. Please complete your details accurately and focus on your primary business offerings. Once completed, the form will be authorised by a member of the team before it is published. We reserve the rights to not list your business / product / experience should you not meet the criteria or be suitable for the travel trade and we will notify in writing with the feedback. If you have any questions, do not meet all the criteria but would like to or indeed require travel trade training please email traveltrade@taycountry.uk with your enquiry. Please do not complete your listing at this time.

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