Welcome to Tay Country Travel Trade Directory inclusion page

If you are a tourism business based in Scotland’s Tay Country which encompasses Perthshire, Fife, Angus & Dundee and are not yet listed on the directory please ensure you meet the following criteria before completing your completing your listing.

        1. Your tourism business is based in Scotland’s Tay Country
        2. Your business / product / experience is consumer facing.
        3. You have a bookable product / experience.
        4. You are already working with the travel trade / have been trained on how to work with the travel trade.
        5. You have trade ready rates and terms ready.

Please only complete your listing if you meet the criteria in full. Please complete your details accurately and focus on your primary business offerings. Once completed, the form will be authorised by a member of the team before it is published. We reserve the rights to not list your business / product / experience should you not meet the criteria or be suitable for the travel trade and we will notify in writing with the feedback. If you have any questions, do not meet all the criteria but would like to or indeed require travel trade training please email with your enquiry. Please do not complete your listing at this time.